Catification is about creating feline-friendly environments that cater to a cat’s natural instincts to climb, perch, rest, play, and own their space. Our “Catification” column brings you helpful tips for enhancing your cat’s environment. We’re here to tell you that you can accommodate your indoor cat’s need to climb, perch, play and relax — in a way that makes you both happy. Look at these great examples from cat guardians around the world who have created wonderful feline-friendly environments.
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Catification: Babou’s Custom Kitty Condo

Kasia and Brian from Chicago, Illinois decided to go all out and build this custom kitty condo for their cat Babou. Using simple materials and a thoughtful design, they created a fabulous fort that Babou absolutely adores. Here’s how Kasia describes the project: “My boyfriend, Brian, and I are avid “My Cat From Hell” fans […]

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Catification: Bamboo Screen Turned Cat Shelf

Joan Laisney from Carlsbad, California got creative when she wanted to make a climbing shelf for her cats. Instead of starting from scratch, she converted a bamboo screen into a climbing structure. Here’s how she explains the project: “Using a bamboo folding screen, three pressboard shelves, and large cup hooks, we drilled two holes in […]

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Catification: Beautiful Cat Climbing Shelves

Kacy Turner from Fairfax, Virginia created this spectacular cat climbing wall with step shelves leading to the long shelves below the transom windows overlooking the deck and backyard. This is a great example of seamlessly integrating cat climbing surfaces into your decor. She used simple wooden shelves with trim and decorative braces to create sturdy […]

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Catification Recap: Kashmir & Darla

Catification Recap: Kashmir & Darla

Kashmir and Darla’s case definitely required some catification in order to help alleviate the tension, not just between the cats, but also between Brenda and Dean. Jackson brought me in to help with this design and we wanted to share a little more about what we did. During Jackson’s first visit, he identified that Darla […]

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Catification: Vertical Space for Sally & Oz

Catification: Vertical Space for Sally & Oz

Mags and her partner from Urbana, Illinois created this terrific cat climbing wall with some simple materials. Here’s how she describes the project: After watching an episode of My Cat From Hell in which Jackon talked about vertical spaces, my partner and I decided that we were neglecting a very basic need of our cats. […]

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Catification: Custom Cat Tree for Norton & Sam

Catification: Custom Cat Tree for Norton & Sam

Bob and Linda Stafford from Wilderville, Oregon decided to build a custom cat tree for their two cats Norton and Sam using a beautiful natural log from the forest outside as the center pole. Shelves covered in scraps of the same carpet from the floor make the cat tree fit right in. This is a […]

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Catification: A Staircase for Kali

Kali, from the United Kingdom, is getting a bit older, and she was having a hard time reaching her favorite spot on top of the bookcase, so Kali’s mom, Rebecca, decided to build a kitty staircase to help her out. Using small floating shelves, Rebecca built a zig-zag staircase taking Kali from the floor to […]

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Catification: Elegant Wooden Window Perch

Dee and her husband from Chicago, Illinois built these beautiful wooden window perches for their cats to enjoy the view from their study. Using pre-made shelving from the home improvement store, they were able to design these shelves for their cats in a way that integrates seamlessly with their decor. Here’s how Dee describes the […]

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Catification Recap: Autumn

Deb & Brian’s mid-century modern home was designed with large floor to ceiling windows that bring the outside in. This also means that any outdoor cats passing through the yard pose an immediate threat to the cats living inside. This kind of a perceived threat can cause all kinds of problems for the indoor cats. […]

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Catification Recap: Pip & Red

The Catification piece of Pip and Red was multi-faceted. Red needed to be given access to the vertical world so he could a) find a place to be comfortable and have a sense of ownership, b) get away from Pip to avoid being attacked, and c) be in the same space with Pip in a […]

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