Outdoor Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures for cats — also known as “catios” — are a great way to let your cats enjoy the outdoors, without exposing them to the potential dangers they would face if allowed to roam freely. Catios range from small enclosures to elaborate screened-in rooms. These examples will give you ideas for creating your own protected outdoor space for your cats.
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Catification: Take a Tour of Donna’s Custom Cat Enclosure

Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Donna from Levittown, PA created this spacious outdoor enclosure for her five cats. The cats access the enclosure through a…

Catification: Jane’s DIY Cat Run


Jane and her husband saved a lot of money building this outdoor cat enclosure at their home in Virginia by…

Catification: A Caribbean Catio


You can create a catio, or outdoor cat enclosure, by modifying an existing part of your home, like Sophia did…

Catification: Aslan’s Custom Catio


Outdoor enclosures are a great way to keep your cats safe, while giving them a little fresh air. Dave from…

Catification: Wraparound Catio


Sarah from Satellite Beach, Florida added on to her house this spacious catio that wraps around one corner of the…