Scratching Solutions

Cats need to scratch! It’s their natural instinct. Scratching allows cats to mark their territory, leaving their scent and a visual mark. There are lots of different scratching materials to choose from — carpet, sisal, cardboard, wood, etc. You’ll need to figure out which material your cat prefers. Also, some cats like to scratch horizontally, while others prefer a vertical scratching surface. Check out these examples of creative scratching solutions and be sure to send us photos of your own solutions!
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Catification: DIY Royal Red Cat Climbing Shelves Plus Giant Scratching Pole

DIY Cat Climbing Shelves and Scratcher

Darla from Mobile, Alabama did some excellent Catification here, creating a multi-level cat climbing wall with some simple materials. Using…

Catification: Creative Table Leg Cat Scratcher


Lucio lives in a small apartment in Brooklyn, NY and he needed to add a scratching surface for his cat, America….