Shelter of the Month

Each month a Shelter or Rescue Group is in the spotlight, with their great work being showcased here every #ShelterSunday. Plus, we set them up with a special opportunity to receive direct contributions AND a portion of proceeds from a fun product in Jackson’s store. It’s Jackson Galaxy’s #TeamCatMojo at work!

#ShelterSunday: Piper’s Hope


Down at the local auto shop, the owner’s son and employee, Trey, had been caring for a number of cats…

#ShelterSunday: With Purrrsonality


Who are the cats who are saved by Million Cat Challenge shelters? They are every cat – healthy or not,…

#ShelterSunday: Every Cat Has A Story


Every cat has a story, but it’s up to us to ensure it has a happy ending.

#ShelterSunday: A Litter Of Love


Change is hard. It’s especially hard when animals’ lives are in the balance. But sometimes, change is the only way…

#ShelterSunday: KC Pet Project, A Progressive Program


KC Pet Project is the open-admission, No-Kill municipal shelter for the city of Kansas City, Missouri. They are tasked with the care of nearly 11,000 pets per year.

#ShelterSunday: One-Eyed Avenger

NickFury aka Awesome Possom

Nick Fury, named for the one-eyed Avenger, arrived at our #MonthlyMojo shelter for June, the Kansas City Pet Project, as…

#ShelterSunday: The Next Level


When a box filled with kittens was thrown out of a car in front of the the Kansas City Fire Department, KC Pet Project was ready for action…

#ShelterSunday: Lovin’ It At The Farm!


There was no space left for the hefty orange cat, or for the big black cat, at the local municipal shelter. “Barn Cat 22 & 23″ had been outdoor cats, then shelter cats, and now they got the second chance of their dreams…

#ShelterSunday: Love Is Blind


Haley was a high-school senior and an intern at our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March, Allen County SPCA. She was reading a book called Homer’s Odyssey

#ShelterSunday: ABC, 123…45.


On a hot summer morning, five tiny kittens were huddled closely inside an open plastic container. With no mom and just a pie pan of sour milk, these little orphans were in dire need of expert help.

#MonthlyMojo: Allen County SPCA

ACSPCA slider

Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo Shelter for March is Allen County SPCA of Fort Wayne, Indiana  — The Hoosier State Allen County SPCA’s tremendous hard work, team-building, and…

#ShelterSunday: Heart’s Desire


In New Haven, Indiana, a good Samaritan came across a kitten trapped in a plastic bag in the middle of a road…

#ShelterSunday: Finding Joy


Lucinda had been deserted by two families that both left her behind when they moved. Fortunately for her, some kind neighbors ensured she had outdoor shelter and food during the times she was without a family. But one day they had to call for help.

#ShelterSunday: Beating The Odds


Cold, wet, and tiny, and lost on the side of a road in Nevada in a rainstorm, Sam was just four weeks old. He was also one of the sickest kittens the vet had ever seen.