Campaign to Find a Home for Hobbs

Hobbs Adopted Hobbs is a super cool cat currently living at the Shadow Cats sanctuary in the Central Texas area.

Jackson met him on his recent book tour for the paperback release of CAT DADDY.

And now we're putting out the call to get Hobbs adopted into a one-cat home.

=== UPDATE ===

Hobbs has been adopted!

Below is an excerpt from the email we received from Shadow Cats sanctuary giving us the good news.

I wanted to let you know that Hobbs has found his forever home! A local woman who was watching Jackson's visit to Shadow Cats on our webcam came to visit this week, met Hobbs, and realized that he would be perfect for her daughter. The daughter came and met Hobbs this afternoon (June 7, 2013) and it was love at first sight - Hobbs will be going to his new home next week.

Thanks so much for your help in publicizing Hobbs.

David Murphy Director of Sanctuary Operations Shadow Cats

Thank you #TeamCatMojo

=== below is the rest of the original blog post with more about Hobbs ===

Here's the back story.

Hobbs had a rough start in life.

We don't know the full story, but he came from a rescue situation involving several cats.  All of them, including Hobbs, found adoptive homes.  But Hobbs couldn't stay in his new home - he developed a habit of attacking their other cat.

Shadow Cats has seen this happen occasionally at their sanctuary, and there's sometimes just no getting around it.  They have several cats who have to live in separate areas for that reason.

Hobbs 3 pics

At the sanctuary Hobbs was, at first, just interested in exploring every inch of his new environment. He'd walk around checking out every nook and cranny, looking out back with fascination at the garden.  But after a bit he'd start to notice the other cats, and when one would approach him even in a friendly way there would be a confrontation.  And once this happened it would escalate and the next cat to walk by would find themselves in a brawl. S o Hobbs has to live in a separate area all by himself.

With people Hobbs is always very friendly, there's just something in his personality that doesn't allow him to get along with other cats.  And after lots of "outings" walking around the Uptown area this hasn't changed at all, it's just a part of Hobbs' personality.

He'd make a fine companion in a home as an only cat, though.

His right eye is squinty from some long-ago injury, but it doesn't bother him at all and he's in fine health.

Hobbs is a charming guy, and and we're hoping that forever home will find him soon and help him live the wonderful life he deserves.

Hobbs and Jackson

Jackson agrees and says that if anyone is looking for a cat with great "mojo," they should come see Hobbs!

Shadow Cats says they would prefer that Hobbs goes to a home in Central Texas, but would be open to considering a distant adopter with a home check through the Best Friends network and if transportation could be arranged.

If you have a lead or want to adopt Hobbs yourself, please contact Shadow Cats.


Hobbs collage