ADOPTABLE: Sammy & Sissy of Animals In Distress

Please meet Sammy (orange) and Sissy (black & white tuxedo), a featured adoptable pair of cats from Animals In Distress of Connecticut. Animals In Distress is #TeamCatMojo’s June Shelter of the Month.  This means $10 from each shirt and $5 from each tote purchased here goes to them this month.  Here’s more about Sammy & Sissy from the team at Animals In Distress.  If you or someone you know near Milton, CT is interested, please give them a shout.  Adoption info is below.  Scroll down....


Sammy and Sissy have lived their whole life with their loving owner.  They were all very happy.  Some years ago, their owner found out that Sissy (the black & white tuxedo on the right) has a degenerative eye condition.  We double checked her with our vet as well.  She has no blood vessels in the backs of her eyes.  Hence, Sissy is fairly blind.  She probably sees shadows and shapes, but that's about it.  And she does not require any medication.


So, imagine what a heartbreak it must have been for everyone when their loving owner lost his home and had no place to keep his companions safe.  A friend housed them temporarily, but it seemed the time was coming when he would have to turn them in to a shelter.  He was devastated about having to put them in a city shelter.  What would happen to Sissy without her Sammy?


Well, one of our facebook readers reached out to us to see if we possibly had room for these two sweet, wonderful 8 year old siblings. Luckily we were able to help out. Soon Sammy and Sissy were saying a very tearful goodbye to their owner and acclimating in a whole new environment. Everyone was worried that Sissy would not thrive, not eat, hide, be terrified. But in our loving environment, both cats were relaxing and eating by the second day! Now they both enjoy their daily attention with lots of petting and loving. Pet Sissy and Sammy nudges his head up into your arm to remind you that he would like his loving too!


Sissy has been the first to venture out of their acclimation cage. She is THE MOST ADORABLE thing as she has oddly short legs and about a four inch tail.


Her nose leads the way and she will paw at things as she finds her bearings. She seems exceptionally confident, but will head back to her cage to make sure her brother is still there waiting! Sammy has not felt as bold as his sister and chooses to stretch out his rather large body across his bed and give you that little twinkle in his eye as if to say "hey, take a break, come take a nap with me"!

These two are gems and would be a joyful addition to the appropriate home. Dogs are probably not the best idea nor small children. Sissy will need to feel safe and not threatened by her surroundings. Come in a meet the big red guy and his sinfully sweet sister! They MUST go together. Sissy would be lost without her Sammy.

How To Adopt?

Visit us!  Potential adoptive guardians are required to fill out an application and must be approved before the adoption is finalized.  Save time: fill in this online application and email before your arrival.  Animals In Distress is a no-kill cat shelter located at 238 Danbury Road (behind Wilton Town Hall) in Wilton, CT.  We are open on Saturdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm or during the week by appointment.  You can also email kittiesforkeeps [at] gmail [dot] com or call 203-762-2006 for more info.

Sammy & Sissy are on Petfinder, too!