#MonthlyMojo: Kitten Rescue


We’re starting something new this month, #TeamCatMojo!

Beginning today, Jackson’s #ShelterOfTheMonth is going away.

...to be replaced by something bigger and better.


Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo

This July, The #MonthlyMojo is Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles.

"But wait a minute," we hear you saying.  "What does it mean that Kitten Rescue is a #MonthlyMojo recipient?"

Three big things.

1. Jackson’s Pick

KittenRescue-pickJackson’s #MonthlyMojo receives 100% of the funds contributed through this special Gifts That Give More donation opportunity, set-up especially for them.  They don’t even have to pay credit card processing fees!  It’s a benefit of being one of "Jackson’s Picks.”   Donate anywhere from $3 to $90 to Kitten Rescue Sanctuary here and your entire contribution — every penny — goes right to them.

2. #MaximizeYourMojo

Check out this shirt.  $5 from each one purchased goes to Kitten Rescue Sanctuary.  #MaximizeYourMojo by gearing up with a cool shirt and you'll be helping Kitten Rescue at the same time.


 3. #ShelterSunday

10406724_10154179904175430_8442589683317885514_nEach Sunday, we’ll post an inside story from behind the scenes at Kitten Rescue right here.  You’ll get to know Jackson’s pick better, you’ll be uplifted and inspired, and you might flip out over some really cute kitty pictures, too.

We’re super excited about this new program and all the good it will help us do together, as #TeamCatMojo, for shelters and animals across the nation.

Congrats to Kitten Rescue for being Jackson's #MonthlyMojo this July.  Here's more about this fantastic group.


Kitten Rescue is a no-kill, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of homeless cats of Los Angeles.  Since it's inception, this private organization has placed over 14,000 cats and helped many more lead better lives through their programs.

They believe every cat has the right to a high quality of life, whether it is in a loving home or long-term care at their shelter.

Since purchasing the shelter in 2006, The Homeless Cat Sanctuary has greatly increased their ability to help cats in need throughout the city.  Even though they continue to rely on a critical network of volunteer foster homes for most of their rescues, having the Sanctuary enables them to save more animals, move faster in emergencies and perform large-scale rescues.

The Sanctuary houses approximately 150 cats at any given time.  Many of them are highly adoptable cats waiting to find their forever homes.  Others may, more likely than not, spend the rest of their lives here – either because they are feral, have a chronic medical condition or are elderly and therefore less likely to be adopted.  What they all have in common is that they are safe, loved and well cared for by the Kitten Rescue staff and their dedicated volunteers.

Each year Kitten Rescue saves around 1,000 kitties and places them into permanent, loving homes.

See their LIVE Kitten Cam online.

See their campaign to #Save1000Kitties in 2014

Go Kitten Rescue!