#ShelterSunday: Max Goes Home

Welcome to July's #MonthlyMojo shelter, Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles, California!  Let's take a look at a cool cat who recently found his forever home - thanks to this awesome rescue. In 1999, Max was adopted as an adorable kitten.  But his guardian could no longer care for him, and had to give him up.  Good thing she gave him to a safe place!


When Max arrived at Kitten Rescue Sanctuary, he was scared of the cats and wary of the humans - appearing aggressive to potential adopters.  But love and patience won the day!  Dedicated staff and volunteers helped teach Max how to trust again, and he became a sanctuary favorite.  Last November, after seven years at the Sanctuary, Max hit the jackpot.  He finally found his forever family.

Max's adoption was the product of the loving care that the folks at Kitten Rescue Sanctuary always give.  They search tirelessly for forever homes for animals just like Max - and promise a lifetime of care if that home is never found.  Happy ending for a happy cat!