#ShelterSunday: Luna Keeps On Shining

It was a dark night on The 105 in California when a dedicated Kitten Rescue Sanctuary volunteer saw something lying on the freeway.  It was a kitten lying limp on the road, and there was no good reason to assume it was alive.  But some instinct caused Bettina to pull over and check anyway - which is when Luna's head moved, showing that there was life in her yet. Bettina literally stopped traffic on this busy highway, scooping up poor Luna and rushing her to the emergency veterinarian.  The vet diagnosed Luna with a host of problems, including head trauma, a fractured pelvis, and an unresponsive leg - which in no way meant anyone was giving up on her.  With ups and downs typical of emergency care, Luna ultimately survived, though with an amputated leg.

Shelters like Kitten Rescue Sanctuary (July's #MonthlyMojo shelter) shell out thousands of dollars for critical medical care for animals like Luna.  It's never easy - money is what fuels every part of shelter operations, and they're all essential.  Food, cat litter, medicine and medical care, cleaning supplies, and just keeping the lights on all cost a great deal.  But these steadfast havens for animals in need place a high value on the life and well-being of each animal that comes through their doors, and they struggle endlessly to find the funds to help cats just like Luna.

This story  has an especially awesome ending, by the way.  Luna has found her place - not in the sky, but with her loving, adopted forever home.