#ShelterSunday: Happily Ever After

Juanito had a rough start in life.  We'll never know the full story, but the man who found him reported that someone had kicked this sweet little tuxedo cat in the face.  Juanito had a severely broken jaw, and the man could not afford the expensive but vital treatment. Fortunately, a Kitten Rescue volunteer was in Tijuana at the time, and offered to take Juanito back to the states for medical care and the chance at a forever home.  Poor Juanito's surgery took four hours; his jaw had to be wired due to the severity of the break, and he was on antibiotics for six weeks.  But this brave little cat remained a good sport throughout his ordeal.

After a year at the shelter, Juanito met his match - a loving forever family complete with humans and some new feline friends.  He was adopted, and finally has the "happily ever after" that he so richly deserves.