#Monthly Mojo: Blind Cat Rescue

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Jackson's #MonthlyMojo Shelter this August is Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary of St. Pauls, North Carolina - The Tar Heel State

Blind Cat Rescue was started in 2005 to offer a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters.

Here are the fun things we have planned to help Blind Cat Rescue this month.

1. Jackson's Pick

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Every cent of contributions made through this special portal goes to Blind Cat Rescue.  They don’t even have to pay credit card processing fees!

You can choose to donate a medical exam, CBC blood work, or parasite check for one cat.  Or: a urinalysis, full blood work, or dental cleaning.

See what we're talking about by clicking here.

Remember: every penny goes to Blind Cat Rescue.  Donation amounts start from just $10.00.

2. #MaximizeYourMojo

#MaximizeYourMojo Blind Cat Rescue v2

You know one.  Or you know you are one.  Crazy Cat Ladies unite to save blind cats!  It's what #TeamCatMojo is all about.  Fly the Crazy Cat Lady flag with this mug and $5 from each one you buy goes to Blind Cat Rescue. #MaximizeYourMojo and help save the blind cats of North Carolina at the same time.

3. #ShelterSunday


Each Sunday in August, we'll share a success story from Blind Cat Rescue.  It's a great way to start your week.   Settle down with a hot beverage (in your new crazy cat lady mug) and enjoy a quick, heart-warming read of cat love and human goodness.  It's a rewarding way to see what other members of #TeamCatMojo are doing around the world.

Congratulations to Blind Cat Rescue for being Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo this August.

Here are some interesting tips about living with blind cats:

  • Blind cats do not know they are blind, they know they are cats.  They act like cats.
  • Blind cats can do pretty much everything that a seeing cat can do.  They can climb trees, climb up on to the top of cabinets and get into places that you can not figure out how they did it.
  • Some things that will make it easier on your blind cat is to try to stay some what consistent on the important things, like the litter box and food bowls.  For the rest of the house,  live normal; they will go around things.
  • If you watch a blind cat, you will see that they point their whiskers out so the whiskers will brush against something typically before they hit it.  You CAN move your furniture.  They will quickly readjust to the change.

Blind Cat Rescue is available to come and talk to groups about animals with disabilities.  Just drop them an email at blindkatrescue@aol.com.