#ShelterSunday: Dreaming Of A Forever Home

Who would take a big, friendly, sweet, FIV+ cat?  That was the question - and our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August, Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, had one answer. Feline Immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is an affliction that only affects cats, it absolutely cannot infect humans.  Its symptoms are similar to AIDS in humans, causing a weakened immune system and making affected felines more susceptible to other infections.  Cats can be infected by deep, blood-drawing bite wounds from infected cats, making many multiple-cat households reluctant to take on an FIV+ charge.  As a result, these are often among the cats that are considered less adoptable, and are euthanized in shelters regularly.

Major is a big cat with a fabulous purr.  He was picked up from the Chatham County shelter by a cat rescuer - who then found to her dismay that he was FIV positive.  At a second shelter, despite his playful personality and affectionate nature, staff who had just started getting to know him were all too aware that if Major didn't find a forever home by the end of the day, they'd have to euthanize him to make space for more adoptable cats.

And Major wasn't adopted that day.  As his terrible five-o-clock deadline rolled around, he rubbed lovingly all over the shelter's veterinary technicians, and purred up a storm.  The techs just could not let the seemingly inevitable happen to this very special charmer.  Desperate, they called Orange County Animal Shelter, which works with Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

There, Major at last found safe haven - one of many examples that led us to choose Blind Cat Rescue in North Carolina as our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August.  This awesome cat has love, a home, and the right care for a long and happy life.  Best of all... if just the right person should happen to come along, someone with a low-risk household who is ready to adopt a sweet, handsome tabby... he still has a chance at that forever family.  Could you be the one?

Visit Major's page if you're in North Carolina and dreaming of a furry feline to love.  He's got more than enough to share.