#ShelterSunday: Extraordinary Will To Live

Mickey (left)
Mickey (left)

Mickey has an extraordinary story.  Animal Control found him the morning after a cold and rainy night, dumped in their dropbox.  He was in such bad shape, the staff initially thought he was dead.  His combination of upper respiratory infection and eye infection left him looking terrible - but when he realized they were there, he didn't hesitate to let them know that he was alive and ready to tell them all about it.

The staff member that discovered him said that any animal with that strong of a will to live deserved a better chance than could be found at Animal Control.  She contacted our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August, Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. Her recognition of Mickey's drive and determination saved his life.

Finally safe and cared for, Mickey was put onto antibiotics immediately to bring the infections under control.  They bottle-fed him for several days, until he was ready to eat on his own.  Mickey did not come out of his ordeal unscathed, but he did come out a handsome, healthy, and loving cat, and a shoulder-climber besides!  Whether he finds a forever family or not, Mickey is secure in a sanctuary for life at Blind Cat Rescue; a happy ending for one cool cat.

Check out Mickey's awesome energy in the video below, and visit him on his own page on the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary website, where he shows off his shoulder-climbing skills!