#ShelterSunday: It Takes A Village

Gina was on death row at Animal Control, but she had a very special and diverse group of supporters that ultimately saved her life!  There's a Facebook group that shares each cat in line for euthanasia at the New York facility where Gina was relinquished.  Her photo inspired someone to share the post with our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August, Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.  But there's so much more to rescuing a distant cat than just sending a photo! After the sanctuary staff made Gina's plight known to their followers, group of volunteers collaborated on the journey to retrieve the nine-year-old tabby.  Their determination got Gina from New York City to Washington D.C., and from there to the Blind Cat Rescue facility in North Carolina, where she found safe haven.

But a long drive wasn't the only thing Gina needed, and another vital group kicked in to save her life.  This sweet girl was afflicted with painful glaucoma, rotten teeth, uterine cysts, and she had never been spayed.  The veterinarian and caretakers had their work cut out for them, but they weren't about to let Gina down.  Finally, on pain medications, antibiotics, and lots of love, Gina regained not only her lease on life, but her health.

Now, Gina is a happy resident at Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.  She loves to sit in laps, clamber across the kitty condos, and smile at her new world.  Though she may not be able to see it any longer, it's definitely a more awesome place to be.