#MonthlyMojo: PetPromise

PetPromise slider

Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo Shelter this September is PetPromise.org of Columbus, Ohio -- The Buckeye State

PetPromise is a group of volunteers who are helping to create a world where there are no more homeless pets through education, rescue, sterilization, and adoption.

Here's what's happening for PetPromise this month.

1. Jackson’s Pick

MonthlyMojo PetPromiseA few toys for environmental enrichment and play therapy?  A Rabies Vaccine?  Or Feed a Foster Cat for a month?  You can give PetPromise these tools and more when you donate through this page.

And every penny goes to them when you do.  They don't even have to pay credit card transaction fees!

...provide an FELV/FIV Test or a whole Round of Vaccines?

See what we mean here.

2. #MaximizeYourMojo

#MaximizeYourMojo bracelet v2

This bracelet not only declares your love and support of animals, but also sends $5 to PetPromise this month.  Since PetPromise receives no governmental funding and is supported solely by donations and volunteer fundraising, this will help them out a lot!  Check out the bracelet here.

3. #ShelterSunday


We'll be posting an inspiring story from this amazing group in Columbus, Ohio every Sunday.   With all they do, it's sure to be a great pick-me-up as you recharge your batteries over the weekend.  Here's a preview of their work:

  • rescuing strays from the street or from death row at shelters
  • providing pets in their charge with medical care and rehabilitation
  • guiding placement and adoption of pets into permanent homes
  • providing spay and neuter services for feral cats
  • creating community awareness and education
  • raising capital funds to secure a no-kill sanctuary

Congratulations to PetPromise for being Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo this September.