#ShelterSunday: Frozen


It was the coldest weather central Ohio had seen in years.  During the nights, sub-zero temperatures blanketed the frozen city.  In the midst of this terrible winter, a kitten was desperately trying to survive after being abandoned - and she was failing. When a good Samaritan found Annie, she was cold, hungry, and terrified.  She suffered from frostbite so badly that her front leg and tail were frozen.  Her rescuer brought her to a local clinic, where a very special employee threw herself into the struggle for this tiny kitten's survival.

Annie lost her front leg and tail, but her will to live was still strong.  In her foster home, Annie fought for her health, and discovered that people aren't so scary after all.  She learned to balance on three legs, even hopping like a rabbit, and nobody was going to stop her from playing like the kitten she was.

Just a few weeks after Annie regained her health, a couple drove for more than two hours just to meet her.  It was love at first sight.  Annie's new daddy had a three-legged cat when he was a child, and he couldn't resist; Annie and her foster sister, Marianne, were adopted on the spot.

From frozen and abandoned to a loving forever home, Annie's journey was filled with friendship and help from PetPromise, our fantastic #MonthlyMojo shelter for September.  One look at Annie's happy face, and you can see why we chose them!