#ShelterSunday: A Purr And A Promise

If Snowflake could talk, no doubt she could tell quite the story.  This lovely laid-back girl found herself surrendered to a local shelter with all kinds of obstacles to adoption.  She is a senior, somewhere between 10-15 years old, and she is also deaf.  Snowflake has been living in a world of silence, most likely for her whole life. The workers at the shelter fell in love with Snowflake, wanting her to have a second chance.  She's calm, and her favorite hobbies are purring and sleeping peacefully - who wouldn't love her?  When PetPromise, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for September, heard about Snowflake, they knew they had to act.

Snowflake is now happy with her foster family, which includes both a kitty sister and a greyhound. Recently, they found a lump under one of her arms; but the biopsy results were inconclusive.  Whatever the future holds, Snowflake can feel safe in the knowledge that PetPromise is truly committed to keeping her safe and loved.