#ShelterSunday: The Magic Of Hope

The feral cat was almost too young to be a mother. She was living under the porch, trying to survive with four kittens. While the person who lived at the house was kind, the dog had no patience for cats - and was too interested in the four-day-old kittens. When our #MonthlyMojo shelter for September heard about the young mother and her family's situation, they knew they had to step in. The PetPromise rescue team mobilized a social media campaign, asking for a foster home for this brave little family. A new foster family stepped up to the call. Mama cat, now named Hermione, and her family, Dobby, Dumbledore, Bellatrix, and Hufflepuff, were safe.

But a couple of weeks later, little Hufflepuff began to fail. Her foster mom reached out for help and advice, and the team decided to add supplementary milk to the tiny kitten's diet. It turns out that poor Hermione had been coping with a roundworm infection, and didn't have enough milk for the whole family. But with the supplement to her diet, Hufflepuff and her siblings thrived.

Now, Hufflepuff is a sleek, healthy, and loving kitten, all ready for her forever home. She watches for her foster mom to start reading, and then sits in her lap, her paw in her foster mom's hand. Together, they wait, knowing that PetPromise will help find a forever home for this lucky girl.