#MonthlyMojo: HELP Humane

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Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo Shelter this October is HELPHumane.org of Belton, Missouri -- The Show Me State

HELP Humane Society sanctuaries the animals that are deemed un-adoptable by the public, either due to the animal’s physical or psychological circumstances.

Check out what #TeamCatMojo has planned for HELP Humane this month!

1. Jackson’s Pick



HELP Humane Society often takes in cats who have diabetes. Other shelters turn away these animals because diabetic supplies and care can be expensive. But diabetic cats deserve a chance at life and HELP Humane needs donations to continue this program.

You can donate here and choose for your contribution to go towards Insulin Syringes, Glucose Test Strips or other essentials.  For example, frequent urinalysis is needed to avoid urinary tract infections that are common in diabetic cats.

Donation amounts start at just $5.00.

2. #MaximizeYourMojo

#MaximizeYourMojo 2 HELPHumane

This kitchen towel is useful on two fronts!   Of course it dries your dishes or hands and helps in the kitchen.  But also sends $5 to HELP Humane Society when you get it in October.

Get one here!

3. #ShelterSunday

Personality HELPHumane

Each Sunday in October, we'll be posting a success story from HELP Humane.  Join us here for these sure to be great pick-me-ups as you prepare for your new week.

HELP Humane is a force for good, fiercely committed to ending the suffering and killing of homeless, abused and neglected animals.  They rescue, shelter, and rehabilitate.  They match forever families with these animals.  And they educate their community on the importance of spaying and neutering.

Check back every Sunday for a #ShelterSunday story from HELP Humane!

Congratulations to HELP Humane for being Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo this October.