#ShelterSunday: Happily Ever After - At Last

As a young cat, Thomasina started at the wrong end of a bad relationship.  A family witnessed the breakup - someone threw this beautiful girl, trapped in a pillowcase, from a car onto their property.  She escaped in one piece, but it took the family a couple of weeks to gain her trust.  Finally they were able to bring her to HELP Humane, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for October. The volunteers at HELP Humane gave the timid girl her own suite for a safe space to acclimate in.  As she got more comfortable with her human caretakers, Thomasina started to show a secret passion for play - but as soon as she realized another cat was near, she would completely shut down.  She had "a crazy little adorableness" about her that was hard to resist, but Thomasina also had a problem.  She wasn't suitable for a family with other cats.

Time passed, and this darling girl seemed stuck at the shelter.  But at last, Thomasina's happy ending came walking in.  A woman had lost her cat of 19 years, and was in search of another single indoor kitty companion to love.  Her budget was tight, but HELP Humane quickly realized that they were a perfect match.  After thoroughly vetting the adopter, they offered to forgo the adoption fee.

Their judgment proved sound when they received an update on their crazy adorable girl.  Thomasina took to her new situation like a duck to water.  Today, she follows her human around the house like a puppy, and sleeps as a treasured companion in a place of honor on the bed.