#ShelterSunday: Eyes Hiding A Beautiful Soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and a lot of communication happens though those windows.  Perhaps that's why eyes that are damaged can be hard for many people to look at.  But damaged eyes can hide the most wonderful of personalities. Animal control had taken in a cat they knew was amazing, but she had damage to her eyes and was getting overlooked by adopters because of it.  HELP Humane, our #MonthlyMojo shelter of the month, was called in for assistance - and gladly took sweet Celine in.  Celine became a sort of feline supervisor of staff and volunteer activities.  She had her nose in everything.  But she was a little shy around new visitors, and as other cats came and went off with forever families, Celine mostly went unnoticed.

Despite her shyness, Celine was not fated to live out her days in the shelter.  One day, an incredible couple came to visit.  They planned on visiting lots of shelters to make sure they found the right cat for them.  The couple left empty-handed, but just an hour later, HELP Humane volunteers received a phone call.  The couple never went to the other shelters.

Apparently, while they visited, Celine had climbed into the husband's lap like she belonged there.  He just couldn't leave her behind.

Today, Celine supervises family activities in her own forever home.  She observes from the top of the fridge until it's time to nap with the husband.  Her windows may be a little clouded - but her soul is shining with the best.