#ShelterSunday: The Fighter

Hypothermia is a very real threat for homeless cats during the winter.  Tuna, a sweet 8-week old kitten, nearly lost his battle with it.  This sweet boy was rescued by a good Samaritan and brought in to an emergency veterinarian.  After providing initial treatment, the vet asked if HELP Humane, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for October, could take him. Of course they did.  Tuna lost part of his ears and tail to frostbite, but he kept on fighting.  He ate well and grew stronger, and his dedicated caretakers at HELP Humane knew he was feeling better when he began to fight the medicine and care he needed!

Today, Tuna has a forever family that is just crazy about this lively boy.  Being a healthy young cat, he gives them plenty of trouble - but they know that spirit is exactly what pushed him to survive his ordeal.    You can see it in his eyes as he plays with a volunteer after his recovery, below.