#ShelterSunday: A Good Home

When a sweet calico with beautiful golden eyes was offered up in a classified service as "free to a good home," the person who wrote the ad didn't know what would happen to her.  It turns out that she didn't wind up in a good home at all.  Bunny was one of 70 cats rescued by police from a situation of appalling neglect. All of the rescued cats were covered in fleas, and some were anemic because of it.  Others were sick.  Many had not been spayed or neutered - a problem that could only lead to further misery in such awful conditions.  Our #MonthlyMojo shelter for November, Good Mews, was one of several local agencies who stepped up to rehabilitate the cats, taking on fully half of them.

All of these cats now have a new lease on life.  Bunny is in a foster home, recovering from her ordeal and waiting for her forever family to find her.  She shows how grateful she is every day.  We'll never know  why she was offered "free" in the classifieds, but now you'll find her every night, hugging her foster mom's arm as they watch TV together.  She is safe, healthy, and on her way to a wonderful future.