#ShelterSunday: A Match Made In Heaven

When she arrived at Good Mews, Luna was a gentle tabby who had lost an eye to an injury. This sweet girl seemed to have a special bond with kids who visited. Still, she waited for adoption for more than a year at Good Mews, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for November. Meanwhile, Jeanne's family had lost a longtime friend. Potato Cakes was a feline companion for the whole family including their other cat, Twinkie. She was also a special friend for Jeanne's son, who has an autism spectrum disorder. So when Jeanne came to Good Mews, she was looking for someone to fill a pretty big void in their lives. It didn't take long to connect with Luna - and the little tabby was so ready for the job!

Jeanne teaches a music class for special needs children at her church. Luna has become an “assistant” in the class, providing a calm and gentle presence, and helping the children gain confidence as they sing. The kids identify with Luna because she looks different, but they quickly realize how sweet and loving she is. Luna has also been called upon to sit in church with shy children to help them feel more secure.

She's the perfect fit.