#ShelterSunday: Wanted: The Perfect Family

Sleek, handsome, and quiet, Bryant was born to a feral mother and raised by a volunteer at Good Mews, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for November.  His siblings were outgoing around humans, and were adopted quickly as a result. But as shy Bryant waited for a forever family who could love him for who he was, he started to develop some serious health problems. Kidney and bladder stones can be very dangerous - even fatal if not treated. Bryant required several surgeries over the course of a year, and while he recuperated, he lived in the Good Mews kitchen and laundry room. His diet was strictly controlled to avoid further complications.

But in this environment, something incredible developed. Shy Bryant became best buddies with another kitchen cat named Winston! The two snuggled in the most unlikely places, enjoying the warmth of the washing machine and the comfort of piles of clean laundry.

Bryant also had a special love for the foster mom who had raised him as a kitten, emerging from hiding whenever Andrea came into the kitchen. Adoption by another family seemed more remote than ever, between Bryant's dietary restrictions and personality quirks. Besides, who could separate him from Winston? Andrea couldn't.

This amazing volunteer adopted Bryant and Winston together. Today, Bryant has a family that he knows, trusts, and loves. Andrea has two loving and wonderful boys with whom to share her home and her life. Who could ask for anything more?