#ShelterSunday: Overcoming The Odds

Tricky was turned away from many shelters due to the burden and cost of her care. This green-eyed beauty was shot during an incident of domestic violence, paralyzing her hindquarters, and she requires a diaper with a cut-out for her tail. But our #MonthlyMojo shelter for November, Good Mews, didn't hesitate to take her in and make her queen of the ball. Tricky became a member in good standing of the "Home At Last" program that funds post-adoption medical treatment for special needs cats - and also the Good Mews shelter mascot! After celebrating her 10th birthday, the made a special appearance at a shelter fundraiser, entering the ballroom on a velvet chariot. Before her adoring fans, her bright eyes said it all: happiness is a warm home, free from danger, with lots of love and attention.