#ShelterSunday: Unpredictable

Max was brought to a city shelter shortly after Thanksgiving... so terrified he earned the "cannot be touched" label, and so sick he was shutting down. Eventually he was transferred to our #MonthlyMojo shelter for December, Heaven on Earth Society For Animals. He was a tough case. Initially, his caretakers could treat him because he was weak from sickness.  But as he recovered, Max became the quintessential terrible patient - not only cranky, but dangerous. With a lot of work, by early spring, Max had recovered enough to move into one of the community rooms. He was still unpredictable around people he didn't know, but he was getting better with those he did know.

A year later, he'd earned himself the name "Office Max," greeting the mailman through a reception window, sorting papers (whether they needed it or not), and pining for his people during their days off. One day, an adopter with a fondness for difficult tabbies spent time in the special needs rooms. It was love at first sight.

With barely a look backward, Max jumped into apartment life like he’d known it all along. He snuggles with his forever mom in the mornings, meets her at the door at night, and greets her friends with polite shoe-sniffing and a head bump. Now that is happily ever after.