#ShelterSunday: TNR Saves Lives

TNR saves lives. Sometimes it finds lives, too - tiny offspring of adult cats being trapped for spay or neuter. For them, the R in TNR stands for "Rescue" rather than "Return," because they are generally young enough to be socialized for an indoor life. This is how little Hilton found its way to our #MonthlyMojo shelter for December, Heaven on Earth Society for Animals. A call came in about cats living behind a local hotel. Young adults were trapped, sterilized and returned to their outdoor home, but there were two babies that needed help. Sadly, they couldn't save the boy, but the little girl responded well to syringe feeding and took her meds like a trooper. She also began a pronounced wobble; the more excited she got, the more she bobbled. The vet concluded, and neurologist confirmed, that Hilton’s wobble was probably the result of mama’s illness while pregnant.

Was Hilton cleared for adoption? Yes! Did Hilton ever make it to a public adoption event? No! Because Heaven on Earth volunteer Jordyn spotted Hilton in the medical ward, bobbling a joyful greeting and fell hopelessly in love.

Hilton loves her new life and alternately entertains and confounds big feline sister Olive. And perhaps likewise for the downstairs neighbor, says Jordyn. "I'm sure the person living below just hates me with all the flopping around by Hilton, but a kitten's gotta do what a kitten’s gotta do."