#ShelterSunday: Brave

She was taken to an overcrowded county shelter, thin, disheveled, and ready to give birth. Four of her kittens survived, despite the fact that she barely had energy enough to care for herself. She had made it this far, and she wasn't giving up now. The following week, Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for December, took in this beautiful young family. Volunteers set them up in a cage with fresh linens and lots of food, providing weary mom with a little help. Her orange fur, bright blue eyes, and determined spirit were the inspiration for the name they gave her: Merida, from Disney's Brave.

Eventually Merida's kittens were adopted by wonderful families. Merida had raised them well, and they brought energy and love to their new forever homes. Then it was her turn. One late summer evening, Merida joined a family that included two other cats and a dog. Her good nature and loving spirit inspired a new name: Grace.