#ShelterSunday: Learning To Fit In

Though very handsome, Mr. Chow was terrified of people, and no wonder. Animal control found him hogtied with wire outside their door. Municipal shelters are often unprepared to handle cats that need to be reintroduced to human beings. Luckily, Halfway Home Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for January, was ready and willing to take this traumatized boy in. The shelter director worked hard to bond with him, and he did become comfortable at the shelter facility. But Mr. Chow was still frightened by other people, and although he didn't go into hiding at the shelter, he did lash out if anyone tried to befriend him. He absolutely refused to take interest in potential adopters, and was stressed out by trips to the adoption center.

This special boy did have a soft spot, though it wasn't for humans. He quickly made friends with the kitties who came into the shelter. Halfway Home Rescue has their own group of special permanent residents, 15 cats who have a space of their own with plenty of scratching posts and warm beds. Mr. Chow made himself right at home among them, and has also become the unofficial shelter mascot!