#ShelterSunday: Out of Darkness, Love.

Only one kitten survived. A litter had been cornered by a group of neighborhood kids, and in a bout of terrible cruelty, the kids threw them against a brick wall to their deaths. Two girls saw the travesty and, young heroes, tried to rescue the kittens. It must have broken their hearts that only one survived. Though the police investigated the incident, no charges were filed. The kitten desperately needed help after his terrible ordeal, and our #MonthlyMojo shelter for January, Halfway Home Rescue, was called in. They were able to tend to the kitten's physical wounds, nursing him back to health. But they couldn't cure his fear of loud noises and strangers.

His foster mom named him Gus. They had an instant connection, and he grew into a loving, snuggly bug. Gus would never go up for adoption; his foster mom fell absolutely in love, and there was no doubt that he had found his forever home. He loves the other animals in his family, and he hugs his new mom every night at bedtime.