#ShelterSunday: All The Way Home

Two cats were abandoned in a rough neighborhood. Someone called our #MonthlyMojo shelter for January, Halfway Home Rescue, and the volunteers deployed. They found a long-haird gray and white cat, so dehydrated he was practically glued to the pavement. While bringing him back to the truck, a shorthaired white cat bounded toward them. They thought their job was done - two cats successfully recovered! What they didn't expect was the third cat. A sweet gray and white girl came screaming around the corner, begging for help. They coaxed her out and found to their horror that she had been shot in the side. But Melanie's story has a happy ending. They got her into emergency in time, and her surgery was successful. In six weeks of recovery, the volunteers at Halfway Home Rescue learned that she was a loving, feisty, and incredibly forgiving girl. She'd be perfect in any family.

Melanie's story drew the attention of a gentleman, who fell in love with her instantly when they met. He had previously adopted a Halfway Home Rescue cat, and staff knew these two would be perfect for each other. They became fast friends, and are living happily ever after.

Oh, the other two cats? They also found forever homes.