#MonthlyMojo: Fuzzy Pawz Rescue


Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo Shelter for February is Fuzzy Pawz Rescue of Boise, Idaho  — The Gem State

Fuzzy Pawz rescues unwanted dogs and cats in shelters and pounds throughout Southern Idaho and parts of Utah, and finds them permanent homes.

This is how #TeamCatMojo is helping Fuzzy Pawz continue their great work.

1. Jackson’s Pick

Fuzzy-Pawz-personality2Begun in 2011, Fuzzy Pawz is one of only a handful of all-breed rescues in Idaho/Utah.

Saving dogs as well as cats, they operate a spay/neuter program and microchip program, all the while rescuing, fostering, and adopting 'hard to place' pets in the community.

Fuzzy Pawz Rescue is a GuideStar Gold Star Exchange Participant, dedicated to transparency and accountability with their efforts and funds.

As a #MonthlyMojo shelter, they've been given a new online page through which to accept funds.  What makes this donation page different?  Well, fully 100% of the funds collected here go straight to Fuzzy Pawz Rescue and the animals they save; not even one cent goes to pay even a credit card processing fee.  So your gift is most effective when given here.

2. MaximizeyourMojo


This charm for your car is a charm for animals, too.

When animals in shelters are “harder to adopt” because of things like kennel stress, having a black coat, being over 8 years old, etc...Fuzzy Pawz takes them in and gives them an extra boost in finding a home.  Each sale of this car charm gives $5 to Fuzzy Pawz Rescue to help them help their rescues.

Get a kitty car charm today.

3. #ShelterSunday


Fuzzy Pawz was begun just four short years ago and in that time, they've saved hundreds of lives.  Each week, we'll post one of their success stories here, under the title #ShelterSunday.  As you can guess, each Sunday is when we invite you to check back for a quick dose of good news.  It's one that's sure to put a smile on your face.

Congratulations to Fuzzy Pawz Rescue of Idaho — Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo for February.