#ShelterSunday: A New Life

The neighbors heard pitiful mews emanating from a trailer that had been vacated a week prior. The owner came, and when he opened the door, he found that his former tenants had left a young cat behind. Not only had she been abandoned, but she was unspayed and in heat. A disastrous situation, but our #MonthlyMojo shelter for February, Fuzzy Paws Rescue came to her rescue. They named this sweet girl Violet, and tested her for FIV and FLV. They also had her vaccinated and spayed. Her second chance wasn't just at life - it was at a better life, a happily ever after. And Violet wasn't about to waste it. Despite her experience with the tenants, Violet loves everyone she meets. She even has affection for dogs.

Violet's story continues today. She is living in a safe foster home, and she is still searching for the perfect forever family. Her future is in flux, but it's a brighter future for cats like her, thanks to shelters like Fuzzy Paws Rescue.