#ShelterSunday: Revolving Doors

A handsome Manx was dropped off at a shelter, his whole life turned upside down. The uncertainty of shelter life, the joy of adoption, adapting to a new home and a new family. Sweet Buster Brown settled into his new home only to be abandoned when the family moved. Another ride up the roller coaster - the new tenants decided to keep him on. This kind family loved him, cared for him, and lost their home. But they weren't about to abandon Buster again, and so he lived with them and their two dogs out of a car for two months.

The family knew this was no life for Buster. They reached out for help, and Fuzzy Pawz Rescue, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for February, answered, Buster came to live with them. Despite the upheaval in his life, Buster was "the coolest cat," good with cats, dogs, and loved kids. Nothing fazed him, and when the time came, he charmed the pants off an admirer - and got himself adopted.

He's happy, safe, and loved - living the good life. Let's hope this is one door that never closes on him.