#ShelterSunday: Beating The Odds

Cold, wet, and tiny, and lost on the side of a road in Nevada in a rainstorm, Sam was just four weeks old. He was also one of the sickest kittens the vet had ever seen. Our #MonthlyMojo shelter for February, Fuzzy Pawz Rescue, stepped up. They placed him in a foster home and treated him for emaciation, for an eye infection and upper respiratory infection. Over the weeks, he grew stronger. He was neutered, and a tumor discovered growing in his ear canal. A few more weeks and they were able to safely remove it.

Good food, incredible vet care, and lots of love helped this little man grow hearty and healthy. Sam proved to be a strong boy, with nothing but love in his heart. He charmed his foster mom, and her senior cat, to such and extent that he never left. He has his own forever home with the director of Fuzzy Pawz Rescue.