#ShelterSunday: Heart's Desire

In New Haven, Indiana, a good Samaritan came across a kitten trapped in a plastic bag in the middle of a road. Horrified, he brought the little survivor to the attention of Allen County SPCA in Fort Wayne, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March. The staff there named the kitten Mercy. At just six weeks old, Mercy was too young to be spayed. The vet determined that she was healthy, and she was placed in a foster home for socialization, love, and in preparation for adoption. By the time she was old enough, dozens of applicants had heard her story and wanted to adopt her.

Julie and Carl were perfect. They had a rescue cat and some dogs as well, and hearts full of love. And Mercy? She had found her heart's desire - a forever family. She showers them with companionship and kisses, and is living her "happily ever after" every single day.