#MonthlyMojo: Allen County SPCA

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Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo Shelter for March is Allen County SPCA of Fort Wayne, Indiana  — The Hoosier State

Allen County SPCA's tremendous hard work, team-building, and innovation has resulted in thousands of saved lives in Northeast Indiana.

Here's what #TeamCatMojo is doing to help them keep on!

1. Jackson’s Pick

The Ft. Wayne region used to see some of the highest levels of animal (and especially feline) euthanasia in the entire Midwest. Enter Allen County SPCA.  They brought the innovation, bravery and perseverance to start saving cats lives, and it's paying off.

Here are the results so far.

Their adoption rate has quintupled in the last five years.

In the past, there were a few hundred cat adoptions annually.  Last year, they adopted out well over 1,000 cats.

That's 1,000 vaccinated, altered and microchipped cats living in forever homes.  In fact, they now adopt more cats than dogs.  Unheard of!

To keep the momentum going, we've set-up a special page where every single cent goes to support their work.  They don't even have to pay for credit card transaction fees.  Be a small part of this big success in the Midwest by chipping in here.

2. MaximizeyourMojo

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To even begin doing TNR, Allen County SPCA had to first form a coalition to write and pass a Community Cat ordinance.  This was necessary to legalize doing TNR within city limits.

Sadly, there are some grouchy folks who don't want perfectly healthy, beautiful, TNR'd cats back in their neighborhoods. For the unwanted cats, Allen County SPCA created the first barn cat program in the region.  Now, former Community Cats are packing their tiny cat bags and relocating to the country to live out their days in barns where they are safe, and most of all, wanted.  

For helping to give all cats the time they deserve, $5 from the sale of each of these watches goes to fund the work of Allen County SPCA this March.

Get a watch for yourself or a friend. 

3. #ShelterSunday

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The weekend is generally when we all try to re-charge our batteries so we can be our best for the week ahead.  We want to help you with that.  So every Sunday, we'll post a heartwarming happy-ending story that's come out of Allen County SPCA.  Check back in on Sundays and look for the stories that begin with "#ShelterSunday."  See you there!

Congratulations to Allen County SPCA of Ft. Wayne, Indiana — Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo for March.