#ShelterSunday: ABC, 123...45.


On a hot summer morning, five tiny kittens were huddled closely inside an open plastic container. With no mom and just a pie pan of sour milk, severe upper respiratory infections, and conjunctivitis, these little orphans were in dire need of expert help. Allen County SPCA, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March, was closed, and the staff was sparse. But they weren't going to let the five down. The shelter director, Jessica, became "mom" to these teeny quintuplets. She took them home to foster them back to health. They were named for the Jackson Five: Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, and of course, Janet.

The five received 'round the clock care. For weeks, they were syringe-fed, medicated, kept warm, and loved. Janet passed away from pneumonia, much to the staffers' sorrow. But her brothers made full recoveries and, one by one, found forever homes - thanks to the folks for whom loving cats is easy as ABC, 123.