#ShelterSunday: Love Is Blind


Haley was a high-school senior and an intern at our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March, Allen County SPCA. She was reading a book called Homer's Odyssey, about Gwen Cooper's eventful life with a wonderful blind cat. Haley and her parents were inspired by the book, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. A tiny, three-month-old kitten had just been surrendered to the shelter by an owner who was moving and couldn't take her along. When the Feline Medical Team examined her, they realized she was completely blind in both eyes. Her blindness was result of a developmental condition called microphthalmia, where the eyes are too small. They took great care of her, and when she was old enough, they spayed her and sent her home with a special family - Haley's family, of course!

It was a match made in heaven. The other family cat was happy to serve as a seeing-eye cat, and the kitten settled happily into her forever home. Haley named her Odyssey.