#ShelterSunday: Lovin' It At The Farm!


There was no space left for the hefty orange cat, or for the big black cat, at the local municipal shelter. "Barn Cats 22 & 23" had been outdoor cats, then shelter cats, and now they got the second chance of their dreams. From great risk at the municipal shelter, they slipped into Allen County SPCA's new Barn Cat Program.

The names would never do; these handsome fellows were renamed Sampson and Sebastian and brought to a dairy farm. There they manage the rodent control, and have proven in the past five months what an excellent job they can do. Samson's favorite activity is teasing the baby calves by sitting on the fence, and tickling their faces with his tail.

They share the farm with cats, a dog, the livestock, and a couple of peacocks. Sampson and Sebastian would not have felt safe or comfortable adopted into an indoor home. Instead, they're safe, healthy, and completely happy in their new and active life. The Barn Cat Program they're enrolled in is a step on the way to ending the euthanasia of perfectly healthy, yet poorly socialized outdoor felines.