#ShelterSunday: There's No Place Like...


A kind gentleman noticed a nice stray hanging around his house for several days. His own three indoor cats weren't happy with this new backyard intruder, and he brought the cat to a safe place - Allen County SPCA's, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for March. The big gray tiger-cat, named "Buddy" by the staff, arrived for assessment and vaccination. Allen County SPCA's "Foster to Surrender" program saves lives by vaccinating cats in advance of shelter intake. This allows each cat to build resistance to shelter-borne diseases, keeping them safer and healthier during the stay. Sometimes, the intake staff gets a nice surprise; they find a microchip. "Buddy" was one such surprise.

The staff changed his status to hold while they attempted to contact the original owners. Day one passed with worry, but on the second day, they got a call from his overjoyed owners, Sarah and Jane! This handsome cat's name was Brutus. He'd been part of their family for nine years, and one fateful October day, he slipped out of the house and escaped. He had been gone for five months.

Staff got to witness the joy of both Brutus and his humans when they were finally reunited in the shelter lobby. And the friendly gray tiger-cat got the home he'd always wanted: the one he already had.