#MonthlyMojo: KC Pet Project


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Jackson’s #MonthlyMojo Shelters are back as an official program of the Jackson Galaxy Foundation

So without any further ado, let us introduce...

KC Pet Project of Kansas City, Missouri  — The Show-Me State The #MonthlyMojo Shelter for June!

In just two years, they doubled their number of adoptions, in spite of a 16% increase in the number of animals they took in!

Here’s what #TeamCatMojo has planned to help KC Pet Project this June.

1. Jackson’s Pick


KC Pet Project is the 3rd largest open-admission, No-Kill municipal shelter in the United States.  They are tasked with taking care of nearly 11,000 pets per year.  KC Pet Project provided medical care and housing for nearly 3,800 cats and kittens in 2014 alone!

They are a true safety net for the ill, injured, and abused cats of the Greater Kansas City area.

"Jackson's Pick" is where you can contribute to the great work of KC Pet Project.  Every single cent of your donation goes to helping the animals when you give at this special page set-up just for them.

There won't even be any credit card processing fees that come out of your donation.  And even giving just $5 will provide food for one rescued cat for one week!  There are other donation options, too.  See what they are here.

2. MaximizeyourMojo



The mission of KC Pet Project is to end the killing of healthy and treatable pets in Kansas City, Missouri by using the most progressive and lifesaving programs and promoting effective animal control policies.

They are doing a phenomenal job with innovative programs like no-appointment microchipping, playgroups, and Pit Bull EDU classes.

Each purchase of this cute Kitty Solar Light helps that work continue.  Get a cute Kitty Solar Light for your garden.  You'll be reminded of the life-saving work you contributed to each time you see it.

$5 from each one sold in June goes to KC Pet Project!

3. #ShelterSunday



Each Sunday in June, we'll post a new heartwarming success story from KC Pet Project.  There are plenty to choose from, so get ready for some great stories!  They'll lift you up and get you ready for the week ahead.

Congratulations to KC Pet Project of Kansas City, Missouri -- the Jackson Galaxy Foundation #MonthlyMojo Shelter this June!