#ShelterSunday: One-Eyed Avenger

NickFury aka Awesome Possom

Nick Fury, named for the one-eyed Avenger, arrived at our #MonthlyMojo shelter for June, the Kansas City Pet Project, as a stray suffering from what seemed to be a severe eye injury. Upon examination, it turned out he was suffering from entropion, a terrible genetic condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward against his eye. Nick Fury’s eyelashes on both eyes were growing inward, causing him extreme pain and robbing his vision.

Even though he was only around a year old, Nick had been living with this painful condition for so long that he had already lost the vision in one of his eyes. Our veterinary staff went to work immediately to make Nick Fury more comfortable and to save his existing eyesight by performing a delicate double entropion surgery. He has been healing very well, and is recuperating in a loving foster home.

His foster family says that Nick Fury is super playful and very snuggly, and the family dog has become his best friend. He may need an additional reparative entropion surgery in the near future to ensure he’ll live a pain free life, but this super hero knows there's a forever family out there waiting just for him.