#MonthlyMojo: Million Cat Challenge

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The Jackson Galaxy #MonthlyMojo beneficiary for July is The Million Cat Challenge

The Million Cat Challenge is a campaign to save the lives of 1 million cats in North America over the next five years!

This is how #TeamCatMojo will help towards reaching that exciting goal.

1. Jackson’s Pick

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Each year, millions of cats lose their lives in animal shelters. An enormous amount is invested in the capture, holding, and euthanasia of these animals, and the emotional toll exacted by their death is incalculable.

We now know that euthanasia of healthy cats in shelters can be replaced with programs that are dramatically more humane and effective for cats and communities alike.

Shelters are hungry for this change. The Million Cat Challenge is bringing it to them, with your help!

Just $25 allows the Million Cat Challenge to expand their outreach to one more shelter, empowering them with expert data and the support of their peers to save the lives of 1 million cats across North America.

This special page was created just for them.  What's so special about it?  Well, when your donation is made here, every single cent goes to the Million Cat Challenge.  They don't even pay credit card processing fees.

2. Maximize Your Mojo

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Saving one million cats is a tall order!  So what's the plan of the Million Cat Challenge, exactly?

Well, the strategy centers on five key initiatives that offer every shelter, in every community, practical choices to reduce euthanasia, increase live outcomes, and assure humane care for every cat in the shelter.

#TeamCatMojo can get behind that!

And to make it fun to boot, each purchase of this adorable kitty covered shopping tote sends $5.00 to the Million Cat Challenge.  It's a super portable bag that's designed to roll up tight, so you can store it nice and tidy in your car or purse, too!

Get one here.

3. #ShelterSunday

The Million Cat Challenge is making an impact across North America.  They're almost to the one quarter mark, with over 235,000 lives saved so far.

Every Sunday in July, you'll get an insider's view of what it looks like along this road to saving 1 million cats.  Check back here for a new story titled #ShelterSunday, each Sunday (makes sense ;) ). We want to lift you up and start your week on a positive note, to remind you that the world is becoming a better and safer place for cats.

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Congratulations to the Million Cat Challenge — the Jackson Galaxy Foundation #MonthlyMojo for July!