#ShelterSunday: Piper's Hope

Down at the local auto shop, the owner's son and employee, Trey, had been caring for a number of cats who lived on the property. He enjoyed having the cats at his workplace. He was happy to provide food for them, kept a watchful eye on the colony, and had even given each cat a name. Trey knew he should find a way to get the cats spayed or neutered and vaccinated to keep them healthy and safe, but his funds were limited. Making matters more challenging still, these cats were not going to willingly climb into a carrier. He didn't want to call animal control out of fear they would trap and euthanize the cats, so he just did the best he could for them.

Then one day he arrived at work and saw Piper, one of his favorite cats, dragging her hind leg. His heart immediately sank.


With a shy disposition and a severely injured hind leg, she didn't have many options for help. There was little chance the community shelter would be able to help her, and a definite chance she'd lose her life there. But faced with an injured and suffering Piper, he urgently needed help.

Thankfully, a local veterinarian referred Trey to Operation Catnip, an organization that had been helping community cats in Alachua County since 1998 and our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August. They were glad to step in and save Piper. They helped him trap her, then had him bring her to their monthly clinic at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. There Piper received the lifesaving surgery and care she needed.

Not only that, but the entire small colony of cats was spayed or neutered and vaccinated that day, and later returned to live out their lives at the auto shop, under Trey’s care.