#ShelterSunday: Hope, Love, And A Whole Lotta Purrs

When veterinarian Dr. Julie Levy saw the kitten one of her neighbors brought to her, she was horrified. The little cat, the offspring of a mother cat who had so far eluded capture for spaying, suffered from a serious and painful tail injury. Dr. Levy patched him up, but knew surgery was the next step. She spoke with her neighbor and suggested he sign the injured kitten over to the organization Dr. Levy ran, Operation Catnip, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August. The neighbor, a dedicated community cat caregiver, was no stranger to Operation Catnip, having brought many cats there to be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated, so he quickly agreed.

Dr. Levy pulled in Gainesville Pet Rescue for eventual adoption support, and arrangements were made with Jonesville Animal Hospital for the surgery the kitten, now named Joey, needed.


Operation Catnip committed to providing pre- and post-operative care, which turned out to be a much bigger job than anticipated. Because Joey’s tail was missing so much tissue, the surgeon knew there would be only one shot at the repair; there simply wasn’t enough tissue for a second procedure. So while any pet needs to be kept from getting at his or her incision after surgery, for Joey, it was critical there be no chance at all he could undo his sutures.

However big the job, one thing made it easy: Joey was a total lovebug. Despite his horrific and painful injury, he snuggled happily in the lap of anyone who held him, purring loud enough to rattle the windows. Never once did he complain or object to anything that was done to him, and he clearly never wasted one second on feeling sorry for himself.

Today, thanks to Dr. Levy, Operation Catnip, and the whole team who rallied for Joey, he’s been adopted into a great home with two other cats and a dog, as well as a young girl and her parents who adore him. Good thing his original caregiver knew to knock on Operation Catnip’s door!