#ShelterSunday: Mr. Magoo Comes Home

An elderly cat lover had adopted a colony of community cats who lived on the grounds of her independent senior living center. For four years, she’d been walking down twice a day with food and water for them, balancing the supplies as she used her walker. The cats lived a wonderful life, lounging in the shade of the trees, sitting on the shore of the small pond, and getting all their meals thanks to this one devoted caregiver. The most recent addition to her colony was a young cat she called Mr. Magoo, who had turned about a year before and fit right in with the other cats. One day, however, she went out to the feeding area and he had a terrible injury on his head. In a panic, she contacted Operation Catnip, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August.

The team sprang into action.

Mr. Magoo 3

They helped her to trap Mr. Magoo, and got his wound cared for. At first the Operation Catnip veterinarians thought his wound was so severe he wouldn’t make it, but with the help of Operation PetSnip, Alachua County's Humane Alliance Model Clinic, were able to close the wound, neuter and vaccinate him, and work up a treatment plan for the Catnip staff.

Although Mr. Magoo was definitely feral, he was not at all aggressive and seemed to know the Catnippers were trying to help him. They’d set him up in a crate with a feral den in which to hide, and over the course of three weeks, made a full recovery. His caregiver had called daily to check up on him, and was delighted to have him home – although not as delighted as Mr. Magoo was to be there!

At first he sprinted madly for the woods after being released, but within moments he was back, acting like nothing had happened. He cheerily joined his colony-mates for the evening meal, now sporting an ear-tip that matched theirs.

Mr. Magoo 2

His caregiver’s eyes filled with tears as she watched him eat. Operation Catnip has stayed in touch, helping her out with food for her cats, and getting updates on Mr. Magoo’s progress. On her part, she’s overwhelmed with gratitude, knowing without them, Mr. Magoo would almost certainly have suffered and died. Instead, he’s living the good life with his devoted caregiver and feral friends!