#ShelterSunday: A Neighborhood Trapping Tale

On a small street of identical houses, where the front porches provided the venue for friendly neighborhood interactions, a large colony of cats had made their home. A team from Operation Catnip, our #MonthlyMojo shelter for August, heard about the colony, and stopped by to see if they could help. What they found was something wonderful: A whole community of people had joined together to care for the cats. These neighbors were overjoyed to learn there was support for doing even more for their feline friends.


The first neighbor was a self-described “dog person” who showed the team where the cats spent their time – and described all the goings-on in the neighborhood, too! Next was a PhD student who introduced the team to his already spayed cat and was thrilled to find out the Catnip team would be sterilizing the outdoor cats, too. Then there was a young couple with a child, a little boy who walked with the team as they trapped, learning as much as he could and telling them they were really lucky to have such a great job helping cats.

On their trapping foray, the team was also led to a couple who were struggling with very limited finances to care for 18-20 cats, some pregnant, many of them kittens. And finally, the team met Dixie, an orange tabby being cared for by a sweet couple who wanted what was best for him, but couldn’t afford his care.


The love and concern the residents of this community had for their neighborhood cats was so inspiring. Even though resources were tight, they'd done best they could for the neighborhood cats, and were overjoyed to learn Operation Catnip would spay, neuter, vaccinate, and provide help with veterinary care and transportation.

When Operation Catnip returned the cats to their home, medical needs taken care of and a bright future ahead, they couldn’t help but admire these people who put the "community" in "community cats!"