#ShelterSunday: A Dog's Life On The Line

Butterscotch was in need of an emergency rescue. When our #MonthlyMojo shelter for September, Animal Alliance was called in, this 10-month-old hound, shepherd, pit bull mix was not only extremely emaciated, but had also eaten all kinds of foreign objects on the streets through sheer desperation. He was only 23 pounds, and his life was in extreme danger. Surgery would be tricky. First, veterinarians needed to stabilize his body temperature, blood sugar, and electrolytes. This took several days of fluid therapy, vitamins, and IVs. When he was stable, the delicate surgery to remove the foreign objects began. Butterscotch pulled through, but after surgery, he still needed a very strict diet to allow his poor stomach to heal - not to mention some serious TLC.


Animal Alliance sent Butterscotch to a loving foster home, where he received top-notch rehabilitative care. He gained weight on his new diet without upsetting his delicate post-operative digestive system, and in time, fully recovered.

Butterscotch's case was so extreme that it was unclear in those first few days whether or not he would survive. "In the 20+ years that I have worked in animal welfare," reports Anne Trinkle, Executive Director at Animal Alliance, "I have never seen a dog as emaciated and malnourished as Butterscotch. Without the proper care, he would have died."

Instead, Butterscotch is a sweet, healthy, 64-pound dog. He's been adopted by a new forever family, and is living happily ever after - thanks to Animal Alliance and the people who make its programs possible!